Get Your Team Clothing Washed At an Environmentally Friendly Laundry Service

Get Your Team Clothing Washed At an Environmentally Friendly Laundry Service

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We pick up your team clothing and return them clean within 24 hours. Become environmentally smart and contribute to a cleaner environment by becoming a monthly subscriber and get team clothing cleaned cheaply, effectively and environmentally friendly. We assist sports associations with personalized solutions fitting their individual needs.

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We Clean Team Clothing for Football and Soccer Teams, Handball Teams, FloorballTeamsand Many More

No matter if you’re a team playing football, soccer, handball, floorball or any other sport, we’re at your service cleaning your team clothing. It’s simple to book the service on-line and we pick the clothes up at address you provide. We deliver the clean clothes to the same address or to the nearest Service Point. You’ll be ready for your next game in no time.

Laundry Service for Gothia Cup, Partille Cup and Other Major Events and Tournaments

During major events and tournaments, or when briefly visiting Gothenburg, it’s not always easy to arrange cleaning of team clothing. Simply book cleaning services with Rena Plagg, and we’ll take care of your team clothing in an environmentally friendly fashion so you can focus on recuperating and game strategy.

Rena Plagg Provides Environmentally Friendly Laundry Services in Gothenburg, Kungsbacka and Landvetter

Rena Plagg is a laundromat and laundry service in Gothenburg, Kungsbacka and Landvetter offering environmentally friendly laundry services. Our business idea centers around the idea that environmentally friendly clothing laundry should be easy no matter if you’re a private individual, company or sports association. Simply book a date, and we’ll pick up your laundry without additional cost at the provided address. We can also pick up the laundry at the nearest Service Point. The clean laundry will be returned within 24 hours to the same address, or at the nearest service point. Full insurance is always included!

Rena Plagg cares about the environment and only uses environmentally friendly and certified products. We also ensure environmental transportation by adjusting our routes and focusing on collective shipment. All in order to contribute to a cleaner environment.

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